Wesley Stace – “When I Knew”

A wonderful track from the brand new record from Wesley Stace. You may know him as John Wesley Harding, his stage name until now. He’s gone back to his given name for a new record called “Self Titled.” Here’s a preview. Very sweet music, expertly produced by Chris von Sneidern. Stace’s special brand of narrative lyrics are a joy to follow.

Bang Heads With Me To This Dark Anthem

Danzig’s “Mother.” When I first heard this song I was puzzled. How can a voice (Glen Danzig) be so terrifying but beautiful at the same time? The Misfits (Glenn Danzig’s most known-later band) has proven to be a huge influence on teenage youth generation after generation. As a vocalist myself I find it puzzling how it sounds like he’s talking, yet he is still hitting his notes spot on. This song is terrifyingly beautiful. I never thought I could say those words in the same sentence. But that’s exactly how I would describe this ear-catching tune.