Bang Heads With Me To This Dark Anthem

Danzig’s “Mother.” When I first heard this song I was puzzled. How can a voice (Glen Danzig) be so terrifying but beautiful at the same time? The Misfits (Glenn Danzig’s most known-later band) has proven to be a huge influence on teenage youth generation after generation. As a vocalist myself I find it puzzling how it sounds like he’s talking, yet he is still hitting his notes spot on. This song is terrifyingly beautiful. I never thought I could say those words in the same sentence. But that’s exactly how I would describe this ear-catching tune.

Screaming Trees – “Ash Gray Sunday”

The Screaming Trees are grunge’s best kept secret.  This recording is a lost treasure of 1990’s Seattle rock. Recorded in Stone Gossard’s studio in the late 90’s, it was digitally mastered and  “Ash Gray Sunday” is the kind of beautiful angsty power pop you’d expect from these proto-grunge heroes.

Bassnectar – “Ugly (feat. Amp Live)”

Two incredible producers, Bassnectar and Amp Live are on “Ugly“, this song is off Bassnectar’s  album, VAVA VOOM . The Amp Live effect on “Ugly” is a snare booming, hip-hop leaning sound, and according to Bassnectar “[they] created a little banger to express how much we love it when music gets nasty.” This music is nasty!

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Mexican Institute of Sound – “Carnaval”

The Mexican Institute of Sound is an electronic music project created by Mexico City-based DJ and producer Camilo Lara. Camilo Lara is one of Mexico’s top music executives. This song is a glorious blend of modern and traditional musics, seamlessly rendered by a tight group with a hot horn section.

Cyndi Harvell – “Northbound”

There’s something  about this track making it very special. Cyndi has a haunting vocal style, backed with  banjo and slide guitar. It’s all stacked on top of a swaying trance inducing drum beat. Add some great lyrical content and you have Cyndi Harvell‘s “Northbound.” 

Venus Gang – “Love to Fly”

This 1978 composition by Venus Gang is pure fun. No politics or controversy here,  just a fat, raw beat, and sexy female vocals about stars making love and loving to fly. Disco keyboard and rhythm section work meets a dubby clubby vibe that anticipates more contemporary nightclub music, and gives some of today’s producers a prime example of fun.